New LED Floodlight

I have a flood light for my front garden, it is ideal because it keeps my drive lit when someone is on it. This is perfect for the night time when you  may have difficulty looking where you are going or finding your keys etc. The floodlight that I already had installed was perfect because it had a thermal heat sensor on it and it would only go off when it was night time.


This floodlight has no stopped working so I have to replace it with a new one. At first I thought it would be difficult to find another one like it but as soon as I started to do more research on it  I found a LED floodlight that had exactly the same features that my old floodlight had and better features too. What I like about this floodlight is that the light doesn’t take up much power and it will last a very long time because it is eco friendly and is powered by LED lighting. LED lighting is much brighter, and longer lasting that halogen lighting.

Ploughing Through My Garden

I recently injured my back whilst doing work in back garden. I needed to clear out all of the over grown weeds and bushes that have managed to grow over the months of me not taking car of the garden. The sun was shining and I was bored so I though I might as well do it before it is completely out of control.


I spent hours out in the boiling hot sun trying to plough my way through the dense forrest of weeds and overgrown bushes really tired my body and put a huge strain on my back too. I really felt it the next day when I woke up. My back was in extreme pain so I stayed in bed and rested it off hoping the next day would be better it wasn’t, in fact, the pain continued even after a week later! I called off sick from work and went to visit a doctor. The doctor did referred me to a Birmingham chiropractor after coming to the conclusion that I have swollen and strained my muscles in my lower back and it will need chiropractic treatment.

Car Hunting With My Friend

I was looking around for a new car with my mate. My mate already knows how much I wanted to change my car. I thought it would be a great idea to bring him along so he can hep me find a new car and keep me company too. We already knew form experience that it isn’t the best idea to go car hunting blind because it can be a waste of your time and money too, I think it is important to know where your car is. We had a look online for used cars in Staffordshire as this is the area where I live.

for sale car

I was very interested in the Vauxhall Insignia in black. I really like this car so I was pretty certain I want it. We did seem to find a car that was very nice, well my mate found it really so I thought we will check it out. I really liked the car a lot but there was one thing with this particular car that turned me off it.

Should I Own A Temporary Building?

I have wanted to start my own business for a while now but I haven’t got the money to rent or buy a property to start the business in. This is the only thing that is preventing me. You are probably wondering what the service is that I would offer with my business and that is to be a mechanic. I want to be a car mechanic and work solo.I have the skills and experience to be able to do the job successfully but not the funding.


I had a look to try and find a cheap property but I just cant find anything that I will be abel to afford and that will be abel to fit in the things I will require from a car garage. I found out while I was researching that temporary buildings may be a good idea to help get me started with my business because they wont cost as much as a proper property and it will last a good few years which should be enough for me to finally afford a property.

Underfloor Heating Installers

I was looking for some underfloor heating installers the other day because I ordered some underfloor heating mats but I needed a professional to install them. I wanted to install the heating system in my bathroom so I can have heated floors when I step out of the shower and wake up in the morning, another reason why I removed all the flooring from my bathroom myself because I can do that myself but I required a professional to work with the electrical components.

underfloor heat

The reason why I wanted to install underfloor heating was because I heard a lot of good reviews about them and they are also ideal for bathrooms too because they provide you with warm floors and you don’t need a radiator in the bathroom, this is a lot safer for you too. I had a look online for some underfloor heating installers to try and find someone who would fit it in for me. It didn’t take me too long and I found a company who specialise in underfloor heating and underfloor heating installers. Now I have underfloor heating in my bathroom.

My Brief Review On a Paper Shredder

I recently picked up a paper shredder that was on a clearance sale at I really like the shredder a lot and I thought I would try and attempt to do a brief review on it to help out others. The paper shredder that I bought and the one that I will be doing a review on is the Fellowes M7C Cross Cut Shredder.


This shredder looks amazing and that is one of the first things that attracted me, then it was the price of the shredder that made me want to buy it. The shredder is black in colour and has a black gloss finish around the trim, it also a nice little window where you can view how much in the waste bin. As far as I know the shredder is perfect it can shred about 7 papers at a time and I haven’t exactly tired to push any more than that down it but I am sure it can. I have also see that it can shred paper clips, staples and even credits cards but that is not something I have tried myself. I do really think this paper shredder is ideal and for the price I got it at, it’s a steal!

Locating a Bespoke Jeweller

I was browsing online the other day to try and locate a jeweller who would offer me bespoke hand crafted jewellery. I did spend a large amount of my time searching online and I was struggling to find one near me, this is when I narrowed my search to fit what I was looking for exactly. I was very pleased to come across the jeweller I was looking for and my first impression were great too.



The jeweller that I found is called Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery. I did a little bit of research on the company, it said that they have been around for and amazing 4 generations and their smart enterprise has built them a solid reputation. Their jewellery is also made in house so there is no middle man. I continued to look through their website at some of the jewellery they offer. I was really interested in their collection that they had but the main thing I was after is the crafted jewellery, I was so happy to when I realised they have a jeweller near me.

Loft Conversions Are So Practical

Loft conversions are so practical! I have recently had my loft conversion and I do not regret having the loft conversions at all, although it did cost me a fair bit of my money. The reason why I had a loft conversions done was because I felt I like my home lacked that extra space and I thought getting my loft converted would be ideal to create that extra space because a loft is apart of every home that is often neglected and never used or ever seen in fact. A loft is a virtually an empty room so It is a great idea to make the room worth something by converting it into a liveable room.

loft converison

I was looking for a loft conversion company that specialises in modern style loft conversions because I like to keep the modern theme going in my home. I did come across a loft conversion company who offered me what I wanted so I went through with them and the final product is just fantastic. My loft conversion looks so great and I am so pleased with it.

There Are So Many Shredders

I after a a paper shredder because I needed one for the office. Paper shredders are ideal for shedding paper and for disposing of paper quickly and efficiently. What makes a paper shredder so good is that the shredder is also very good for disposing and destroying of important documents you have laying around. It is important to destroy your important documents so that the private information that is on the documents are safe.


There are such a wide range of shredders you can buy. I noticed this when I came across a website thats sells a huge range of shredders. The company is called Shreddy GoGo. The range of shredders they have was unbelievable. I noticed that there were also different type of cuts that the shredders do. The more pieces the paper shredder produces from the document the more it costs because the documents will be more secure than the ones that shred into bigger pieces as it is almost impossible to read them then. I bought a standard shredder because I am not too fussed with the security.

Celebrating My 21st With a Limo

We wanted to celebrate my 21st birthday and make it a night we will never forget. I decided to celebrate it with my close friends and we thought we would make a great night out of it and it is my 21st birthday so it is a big deal.


I had a chat with some of my mates on what we should do for the night and we decided we would go out and enjoy the night life and what better way to travel around int the evening than in a stretch limo! We thought it would be so cool to get transported around the city in a Hummer stretch limo. We had a search online for limo hire London. We found a few companies that we were interested in but sadly they didn’t have the Hummer available for the day we wanted it, however, we did find a limo hire company who did have the car and a other ones too! The limo company was called Your Limo Hire. They gave us a great deal on a limo.

Don’t Forget The Ducts

You may struggle to see why keeping your ducts cleaned is so important, but believe me it is. Are you unsure of the importance of duct cleaning? If you are, I advise you to continue reading this post as it is what I will be covering and much more.


Duct cleaning is very important for our health just as cleaning in general is to our health. This is probably where you start to wonder, why duct cleaning? The sole purpose of our ducts is to provide us with air. The air that is provided by our ducts should be clean. Having dirty ducts has a major increase on the quality of the air that is entering your property and also the quality of the air inside the property. In some cases, the air quality can be up to around 77% and more polluted than the are outside. This is why it is vital you have your ducts cleaned by a professional to remove the contaminants such as dust, spider webs, debris, dead insects, mold and bacteria.

First Visit To The Quarter

I found it hard to believe that I only live 10 minutes from Birmingham jewellery quarter but I have never been to visit this place, not even once in my life. The only reason what made me think of this was because I was after a gift for my wife for our 10th anniversary. I think the only reason why I haven’t ever been to the jewellery quarter is because I don’t wear jewellery and I know that the jewellery quarter is a place full of jewellery and jewellers.

birmingham jewellery quarter

I asked a few of my friends where I should go to buy this gift for my wife and almost all of them said the jewellery quarter mainly because it is a place that specialises in jewellery and the other reason because I live right next to it. I decided I will finally go to the jewellery quarter for the first time in my life and see if it really is as good as everyone is making it out to be. When I got there I noticed how much variety there was in the jewellery and how easy it was to compare and buy jewellery. I walked out with the perfect gift the same day.

Clean Your Ducts!

I was having a clean out of my work office and I was told that I should get my ductwork cleaned. I was a bit confused as to why that was so important so I asked my friend who told me about it to tell me more, he just said it is to get better quality air and remove the dust. I was left curious so I did some research online on to find out more about ductwork cleaning and why it was important.


During my search I came across a website called They had a page telling my why it was so important. I was very shocked when I saw how bad it was for my health. The website told me that the ducts build large amounts of visible mold, my ducts can also be infested with vermin, there will be a huge pile up of dust in my ducts that will spread into the air and the scariest of them all was that the quality of the air in my office can be up to 80% more polluted than the air outside!

How To Chose a Printing Company in The Midlands

There are hundreds of printing companies in the Midlands but how do you know which one is the right one to go to. If you are unsure on what printing company to use then you will find this post very useful as I will be covering the most important things you should look out for in a printing company in the Midlands.



First of all it is important that the company offers high quality prints and they have a solid portfolio of the work they have done before. You need to make sure that the prints are vibrant and sharp. You also want to make sure the materials they use to print with and print on are high quality too. The last thing you would want from a printing company is for your prints to be of a very poor quality and also look very bad in general because it will have a negative effect on you. The best printing company that I would advise for you to go to are Big In Ink they are the number Birmingham printers and they will definitely provide you with your perfect prints.

Ever Wondered About Converting Your Loft?

Have you ever thought about converting your loft? If you haven’t do not worry, I didn’t think about converting my loft till after living living in my house for 12 years! If you have thought about converting your loft you may find this post very interesting as you can relate to what I will be writing. So I decided to convert my loft because I feel that the loft is a part of every house that is neglected and it is often used as a place to store away useless items or a place that is never even used or seen to at all.

loft converison

For these reasons I decided that a loft conversion would be ideal. I have had a loft conversion done to my home recently and I really love the fact of how comfortable you feel whilst sleeping or being in the room in general. The reason why is I think it is to do wit the shape of the roof and how low it is and that heat rises. I love loft conversions and I am very happy with mine.

Making Room For Another Family Member

It is time for us to start preparing for a new family member! At this point you are probably wondering who the family member is and what sort of preparation we will be doing and that is fine, I would the feeling the same way too. The family remember we was preparing for is a child! We feel like we are ready to make room for another child into our family but the only problem we would seem to face with this is that we do not have another spare room. This is why I wanted to get a loft conversion done. Loft conversions are ideal to make great use of a part of your home that is rarely ever used or seen and is essentially potential living space.

loft converison

We already agreed with sam, my son, that he would move into the loft once it is converted into a fully functional, safe bedroom. He is very excited to move into it and can’t wait for use to start work on it. This way his old room would be free for our new child.

My Marketing Idea

I had an idea of a new solution to marketing my company and that solution I will explain later as I know a lot of you are probably wondering what it is and you may even be slightly annoyed with me right now because I still haven’t said it and I am just dragging it on and I do apologise. The solution that I found wasn’t easy to find either, I know a lot of people use this technique but not many people can do it successfully whilst throwing loads of money down the drain so to speak.

promotional pens

Now, I will tell you what this wonderful marketing solution was and why (if done right) it can be very successful. The solution is called promotional pens. Finally, I told you! Now you might be thinking that this isn’t new and that people are always using this technique however, what I am going to do with my printed pens is much better than a lot of them out there. Mine are going to be completely unique. I am going to keep you posted as I haven’t received them yet.

Looking For a Hot Tub Near Me

I was looking to try and find a hot tub seller near me. Right now you may or may not be wondering why I was after a hot tub and what is the point of having a hot tub in my home, I would probably be thinking the same thing so don’t worry. The reason why I wanted a hot tub seller near me is because I was very interested in purchasing a hot tub because I spent so much money  in the past on luxury spas just to use a hot tub and really in the long it is not worth it, it is much better if I purchase a hot tub for myself.

hot tub black

I did a lot of web browsing to try and find a hot tub seller near me and I came across a website called Sutton Spas. They offer a wide range of hot tubs that are very good and they are also priced very competitively. The hot tubs I was looking where very affordable for me and this is the reason why I bought one.

Trouble In My Neighbourhood

I had a drain blockage on my street, I have had this problem before and I thin k it is to do with the lack of care and treatment the council in the area provide for us and the people living here as well. I have thought about moving out of this flat for a very long time but I simply can’t afford it at the moment. Not only am I having this underground drainage problem that is getting really inconvenient due to the smell in the air that lingers the area itself isn’t great either. there as been a lot of trouble in this are recently and I really am tired of living here as I don’t feel comfortable or safe in my home and neighbourhood.


I have also had various guys come over to have a look at my drainage to try and sort out this problem and they just can’t touch do anything a part from work on my land as they do not have permission to do so. I wrote a letter to the council, hopefully this will gain some action.

Is Cleaning Your Ducts Important?

Do you know how important it is to clean your ducts? If you do not know the importance of cleaning your ducts then I highly suggest you continue reading and find out for yourself why ductwork cleaning is very important and should not be overlooked.


You ducts in your home or property are often over looked for the main reason that they are out  of the way and out of sight and you may think that because they are continuously blowing in air that nothing will get the chance to settle and that they will be clean however you couldn’t be more wrong. Your ducts will build up a lot of dust and debris over time. Some of the most common things found in your ducts are dead insects, insect dropping, clumps of dusts, spider webs, mold and infections. Having dirty ducts in some cases can cause the quality of the air in side your home up to 80% more polluted than the air outside. Now that you know what is inside your ducts you may re consider you previous thoughts

Reluctant To Change Printers

When it comes to printing there is only one company I like to cog and visit for my prints. This company has provided me with very high quality prints that never disappoint me or my clients I work with. due to my bad experience with printers in the past I have been very reluctant to try anyone else now that I have found the perfect company where I can get my printing done. So you may be wondering what this company is called and why it is so good, I am going to tell you why.


First of all this company is called Big In Ink. They are the number one for printing birmingham. not only are they the best their print quality is very sharp and vibrant and the customer service is fantastic. They also offer me with innovative printing solutions so if I am looking for a new way to promote myself they have me covered. My old printing company I used or any of my previous printers never produced quality like this!

I Saved Money Whilst Having The Luxuries

I use to go visit a spa every weekend to relax in life’s luxuries for less. This amazing relaxation started to get very expensive over time and I realised I can’t continue to keep visiting a spa just to relax. So I need to find a cheaper alternative. The one thing I liked the most about the spa was the hot tubs and the sauna. For me the hot tub was the best. You can not beat just sitting there in a hot tub. The sensation of the arm bubbling water is incredible. The hot tub truly gives you a deep relaxation your body requires.

hot tub black

Just because I liked the hot tub the most and that was one of the main things I missed about the spa, I decided to search online for cheap hot tubs. I found a hot tub after a few hours of searching. This hot tub was ideal, it had everything I was looking for and didn’t cost me as much money as I would have expected. Buying a hot tub has saved me money in the long run and I couldn’t be more happier with it.

Stretching Experience

I have had my ears stretched for 3 years now and I have managed to stretch my ears to a relatively big size. The whole process of stretching your ears isn’t hard but it is a long process and cannot be rushed. Stretching your ears is a form of body modification so great care should be taken when trying to stretch your ears. If you want to start stretching your ears it is very important you purchase an ear stretching kit. An ear stretching will help guide you to a perfectly stretched ear with very little pain.


Ear stretching will hurt slightly but it should never bleed. If you have started to stretch your ears and your ear has started to bleed or is bleeding you should stop the whole stretching process and wait till it is fully healed. You should also make sure your ear is kept clean by and infection free. You should always remember to keep your ear clean when your are through the stretching process and before your begin the stretch. Good ear hygiene is important throughout.

Don’t Settle For Old Make Way For New

If you are tired of your old central heating system or you are looking to replace your heating system for a new one, before you do so. I would seriously consider looking into  underfloor heating systems. Why should you look into underfloor heating? Because its the revolutionary new way to heat up your entire home from the floor up with perfect comfort levels and low running costs while providing you with equal heat distribution and warm floors.

Underfloor Heating

How do I know that underfloor heating is this good? This is what some of you may be thinking but it is a good question. I fit flooring and underfloor heating as a living and I really enjoy my job, regardless of my job I am not biased what I am saying is completely the truth. Now that you what I do for my living you will probably gather that I have a lot of experience with underfloor heating, this is correct. I also have underfloor heating in my home to so I have the full experience of this amazing heating system.

Innovative Ways To Promote Myself

I was looking for new ways to market my business, as all good business owners know, marketing your business is key to it’s success as well as having a good service. I wanted something new and innovative way to go by marketing my company. I didn’t know where to start so I had a little browse online and did some research into what I could possibly do in terms of marketing.


I came across a company who offered innovative ways to promote your business using prints and printing. I was very interested so I decided to continue looking through and see what else was available for me. They offered the usual printing solutions like business cards, posters, leaflets, flyers etc but they also had innovative solutions like personalised cut outs, printed cards boxes, beer mats, printed pens and embossed signs etc. I was really interested in the embossed signs and the personalised cut outs. I thought it would be a great idea to get my company logo as a big cut out for my office and get the embossed sign for my office door.

Professional Servicing

I have a mobility scooter at my home that needed servicing. The mobility scooter is my fathers and he has had it for a year now and it needed servicing. Finding a guy who can service mobility scooters can be very hard. I had to struggle to find the guy I did to get my mobility scooter serviced. He is a great guy who is very friendly and efficient. He came round and checked to see if everything was working like it should.


Luckily for me it was fine, otherwise I would have had to pay to get a new one. That is something I didn’t want to do but I would have if it came to it. When finding a guy to service your mobility scooter it is important that they are qualified to do their job and they have a form of ID. Because mobility scooters are for the elderly, they can fall into easy victims for fake servicing fraud  and charge the elderly a lot of money for nothing. Just do you don’t struggle here is the website of the mobility scooter servicing I used

So Many Places To Shop

If you live in Birmingham you should know there is a lot of places you can go to shop, that are very local to you. There are places like Merry Hill, One Stop Shop and countless other areas but the one place that is the best place is Birmingham City Centre. Bullring in Birmingham is the heart and soul of Birmingham’s busy city life. Theres are thousands and thousands of stores across the city centre you can go visit all vary depending on what you are looking for and what your needs are. They are countless stores and retailers across the city centre so you are sure to find whatever it is you are looking for.

Gold wedding ring

If your are looking for jewellery there are also plenty of fine jewellers but the best place to go for jewellery is the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. The jewellery quarter is around 10 minutes away from the city centre and is a place that is dedicated to jewellery and is the only place you should go to buy jewellery in Birmingham.

How Important Are Drainage Systems?

Drainage is very important. Some people may over look the importance of a drainage system but when you actually sit down and think about it carefully you will quickly realise why having drainage systems on our Earth is crucial. Do you have some ideas now on why? If you do then great your on the right step, if you still don’t know even better. What I will be covering today is the importance of drainage systems on our planet and how they effect our everyday life.


The main use for drainage systems is to control the amount of water that is falling on Earth and our streets and that is through drainage pipes. A drainage pipe will be used to control the water so it prevents our streets from being flooded and to control waste water that leaves our homes and properties, not only is drainage important to guide water away from us to keep us safe it is also used to send clean water into our homes and properties to live from and use.

Have you cleaned your ducts?

Do you know the importance of clean ducts? If you don’t do not panic, many people do not know how important it is to have your ductwork cleaned and may not think it is necessary or simply overlook their ducts.


Air duct cleaning is very important for one reason and one reason only. To regulate fresh, clean air into your homes or property so you are able to breathe healthy. You may think that the air that your ducts provide may be clean but if you haven’t cleaned your ducts the air quality in your homes can be up to 80% more polluted than the air outside. This is the main reason for cleaning your ducts other reasons include:

  • Remove dead bugs and insect droppings
  • Remove clumps of ducts
  • Clear bacteria and infections that could be forming deep inside
  • Remove cob webs and other debris

You have to remember having dirty ducts will cause these things listed above to spread around your home or property and that is something you do not want.

Back Issues Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Are you suffering from terrible back pains? Are you currently receiving treatment for those pains? If the answer is yes, then what I am about to cover in this post will really benefit you and your health issues. If these questions do not relate to you then this post may not be relevant however will cover some important issues regarding back problems you need to know.


If you are suffering from any sort of back related issues it is important you get them checked out by your local general practitioner. You may think that the problem is only a small one but most back issues start of small and gradually get worse making it a major risk to your wellbeing. severely damaging your back can cause you to have major problems walking or even worse can cause permanent paralysation. I had back pains that got to a stage were I struggled to walk at times my GP told me to visit chiropractors Birmingham. Since then I have been getting treatment and I am feeling a lot better.

My Collection Of Pens

I have been a fan of pens for a very long time. I have been collecting pens since I was very young. I remember when my dad brought home a personalised pen for me when I was like 15. It was only simple with my name on it and he had a habit of giving me printed pens with fancy prints and different colour pens and pens with ink that smelt of fruit. now that I am older I really like collecting pens.

promotional pens


I know it may seem like a dumb thing to collect but in fact it really isn’t. I think collecting pens isn’t bad as you would imagine, pens are practical and theres always a time when you are in need of a pen. My pen collection is coming together nicely I have fountain pens, ball point pens, multi functional pens and parker pens. Parker pens are my all time favourite. For me there is nothing like a top quality Parker pen. Theres a sense of class to them that no other pen ill ever have. It’s the only pen I keep on me.

Huge Market For Jewellery

Jewellery in todays society is so widely bought worldwide and what makes the sales of jewellery even more astonishing is the fact of how much money the jewellery market is producing. What makes jewellery so special is that there isn’t a set price range for these items. The possibilities of the designs, styles, materials, colours, shapes and purposes are endless. The main reasons why jewellery is bought is because it looks nice.

Gold wedding ring


Jewellery can be made up of any material thats the first thing you have to remember.The most common and popular materials for jewellery are gold, silver, platinum and steel. These materials have a lot in common. They are all metals and they are very shiny along with being easy to work with. Jewellery is most commonly worn as a fashion accessory. To compliment a certain outfit or to achieve a look you may be after. Most of the high end jewellery contain precious gems like, diamonds, rubies and emeralds etc. These bump the price up to the thousands and honestly the more gems you have the more it will cost making the jewellery market huge.

My New Sprinkler System

I have have moved into a new home and have been here for about 2 months now. I love my new home and so do the family. One thing that we like a lot about our new home is that it’s a large property with 5 bedroom. More than big enough for our family of four. The area is very nice too, easily accessible shops whilst being in a quite more secluded area which is safer for our kids.


We also have a large garden that requires a fair amount of maintenance to keep it looking the way it does also the lawn needs constant watering to maintain the lush green healthy look. For this reason I wanted to install a sprinkler system in my back garden to frequently supply water to my garden. I called over a friend of mine who works for a drainage and supplies company at Cotterill Civils. He had a look at my garden and said in order to install the best and most efficient sprinkler system it would require some digging up of my lawn to install a drainage pipe to supply the water. He assured me the lawn would get back to normal in about a month with the correct care. So I have decided to go ahead with it and he will be coming in next week to fit it in.

Upgrade Your Heating

Are you tired of not getting the most out of your heating system? Are you tired of cold spots within your home? If this is the case, I think it is time you installed underfloor heating in your home.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a new heating system that allows you to have warm flooring along with warm rooms. The way this system works is by a system of warm water piping beneath your floor or heated mats that are placed beneath your flooring. This new heating system has an equal heat distribution preventing cold spots as well as being very efficient.

An underfloor heating system has been proven to save you money on your heating bills as well as many other benefits such as;

  • Out of sight
  • No sharp corners or hot surfaces
  • No need for wall hung radiators
  • No maintenance required
  • Warm floors
  • Easy to install

These are just a few ways in which you could benefit from having heated floors


Creative Marketing Sollutions

There are many ways to market yourself or a product. Many of which are common and are the foundation of marketing and some of which are new and innovative ways. Its the innovative ways that that can really help for selling yourself, product or a service.

Cartoon Business Card

One good way to promote yourself or business is by having professional printing done, for example, lets say a business card or a poster. Making sure it is printed at it’s best quality not only is this good for the overall look of the item, it can also reflect the quality of the provider and service of the business or individual. This is why if you are looking for good quality prints it is important you go to a professional printing company like the one I used. I used Big in Ink the number one printers in Birmingham who also offer innovative marketing solution as well as graphic design ideas

Moved House

I just bought a new home and my family and I only recently moved in. The reason why we wanted to move was because we didn’t like the are we previously living. There were too many problems regarding the safety of my children as well as myself and my partner due to the flats that were in the area.

My family and I are really happy with the choice we made and we love the area we are in now, plus theres a load of shops within walking distance of our home. One thing we noticed with our new home was that the heating system was totally different. There was no radiators because, our new home was fitted with an underfloor heating system. We were and still are so impressed with this heating system, it’s much better than I expected it to be. Always thought that underfloor heating wouldn’t be good at heating up your room simply because I didn’t think it wold be powerful enough through the low heat it generates, but it’s just perfect. We have lovely warm floors as well as a warm home.

Common Infestations: Earwigs

Unlike their name “earwig” they do not crawl into your ear while you sleep. This is a myth and has been around for a very long time.

What do they look like?

People are usually scared of earwigs because they may think they are mini scorpions and the pincers on their abdomen are used to attack us however, they aren’t a danger to us and those pincers are usually only used to defend themselves from other earwigs



Earwigs are usually active during the night. In the day they tend to hide within cracks and damp areas. They are attracted to lights and can infest our homes due to the change of weather or to find food.

What are the signs of an earwig infestation?

They are usually found in areas of your home were there is a water supply, however they can end up anywhere in your home.

If you want to control earwigs it is important that you eliminate their hiding places. It is important to examine any gutters and make sure they are facing away from your home.

Earwigs can infest any part of your home so it is important to you try to keep it under control. If things do get out of hand then you can call a pest control in Birmingham and pest control lichfield 

Cheap Hot Tubs

When you come across the word hot tub you may relate them straight to celebrities luxury hotel and apartments, plus you may also think that they are a luxury you simply can not afford. You couldn’t be more wrong! Hot tubs aren’t no where near as expensive as they use to be, this also depends on the features and size, you can now pick up cheap hot tubs UK.

hot tub black

Hot tubs are ideal for a lovely deep muscle and mind relaxation. What I love about hot tubs are the seating arrangements they offer so you are always in that comfortable position unlike a bathtub where you can slide and feel uncomfortable. Hot tubs where originally popular in America but now they have been around in the UK for a long time now. I own a hot tub, I use it to relax after a hard days work, I even use it sometime just because its fun and feels amazing. My hot tub is black and has a 4 person capacity. This is great for when my friends come round to visit. I try to spread the word to my mates so when I go round theres I know they will have one too.

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

Jewellery quarter, Birmingham has one of the most competitive markets in Birmingham. Jewellery quarter is the place to go when it comes to purchasing the finest of jewellery.

There are so many jewellers in jewellery quarter which one do you chose? Due to their being so many jewellers promising the best of the best at the great prices you may be confused on which jeweller may offer you the best possible deal while providing you with only the best quality items. If you are looking for something a long the lines of engagement rings, then you already know how competitive jewellers get when it comes to getting a customer to purchase their engagement ring because the jeweller know that one sale of a engagement ring is a lot of profit. When it comes to find the finest engagement rings and earrings I would advise you take a look at They offer a wide range of different jewellery from engagement rings to 9ct gold hooped earrings. I have purchased form Goldcraft before and they guarantee to provide the best service

Know Your Ring

There are many different types and styles of rings out there but do you know what your ring is? This post will help you understand the meaning of your ring and what type of ring it is.

Gold wedding ring

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is usually made of metal and indicates the wearer is married. Weddings rings are often white or yellow gold. The ring itself is often plain with an engraving of the partner on the inner side. Take a look at some wedding rings in jewellery quarter

Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is a type of jewellery that has one or more diamonds on it. They usually come in gold, platinum or silver. These are very expensive and are certainly a luxury item. you can find diamond rings in jewellery quarter

Platinum Wedding Ring

Platinum weddings rings are the finest and most expensive wedding rings on the market. They are the purist of metals and can vary from plain to jewel incrusted. The finest range of platinum wedding in jewellery quarter can be found here


Sewage Treatment: The Facts

What is Sewage?

Sewage is basically just dirty water. The is water is all the water that comes from your home, factories, farms and shops. This water then runs through your piping and into the sewers that can be found underground. The waste water is around 99% water and only 1% of the water is waste.

What is a Sewer?

The sewers are basically like the piping you have in your home except they are much larger and are hidden underground and are linked to every building you see. The sewers piping usually gets larger and larger. Some piping can get as large as an underground railways tunnel!

So, what is Sewage Treatment?

Sewage treatment is just a multi stage process used to cleanse water of any waste. A sewage treatment plant is huge. They are a biological treatment plants that use natural processes to break down and clear bacteria and any thing that is harmful to us and the environment.

Why should we treat Sewage? 

To remove any bacteria or disease causing organisms that live within the sewage. These have to be removed before they are released into the environment again.

Are there anyways I can do it myself?

Yes, you can install a sewage treatment plant installed on your premises. Another alternative can be septic tanks.